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Advanced Vocational School

This two-year program entitles graduates to be employed as state certified design technician assistants.
Graduates can pursue carriers in a variety of ways including: advertising agencies, printing, fair and exhibition planning as well as working in the offices of a design agency.

Admission Requirements

  • Proof of graduation from a secondary school or equivalent diploma
  • Graduates of a college preparatory school with an area of concentration in graphic design can start the program in its second year


  • Classes 11 and 12 are full-time
  • Students must take certain required courses as well as several electives
  • Students are given a general education as well as academic and practical training in specialized subjects
  • Written tests are required in design, technology, technical communication, and mathematics. Additionally one test in the student’s area of concentration must be taken.

Contents of AVS

  • Achieve a groundwork of understanding in design
  • Practical training in the following areas:
    – Typography and print media design
    – Freehand drawing and technical drawing
    – Artistic printing technology
    – Photography
    – Wood, metal, and paper design
    – Room design

During the 2-year program students must take a 4 week long internship with a relevant employer/company.

Documents for Submission

  • General Application Form
  • CV with picture
  • Proof of graduation or half-year report from 10. (In some case the yearly report from class 9 can also be accepted)

Please submit your own documents.
For any questions, please contact the Secretary’s Office

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