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College Preparatory School

Our college preparatory school offers the following areas of specialization:

A complete education, whose goal is the general qualification for higher education. The school lets students take advantage of several labs and computer rooms with modern equipment, as well as offering traditional learning experiences. Students who successfully finish a specialization in Graphic Design and Media Studies can continue on to complete an apprenticeship as a Design Technician. More information on the Advanced Vocational School can be found here.

Admission Requirements

  • Proof of graduation from a secondary school or
  • A comparable Graduation Certificate with good grades in the following subjects: German, math, foreign language(s), and at least one elective or
  • A letter of recommendation from a former school or
  • Successful completion of a three day long trial period

(Includes grades 11-13)

  • Introductory phase during grade 11
  • Qualifying phases in years 12 and 13, in the subjects of German and Math, graded subjects, including technical courses in the chosen area of specialization, as well as elective courses and seminar work

Documents for Submission

  • General Application Form
  • CV with picture
  • Proof of graduation or first semester report from Grade 10

Please submit your own documents

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