professional-development_Berufliche Fördereinrichtung

Professional Development

The department of professional development is open to all students with special needs regardless of their educational and classroom backgrounds. The program applies to the following types of students:

Vocational training in accordance to §42 HWO
Students in the Professional Training Year

The areas of priority are learning, emotional and social development, and improved communications.

The Professional Training Year allows adolescents who do not have a high school diploma to obtain an equivalency certificate and prepares them for professional training.

The Professional Training Year is offered in the following departments:

Automotive Technician

Admission Requirements:

In regards to category “a”, applicants must meet the requirements outlined in §42 HWO by a recognized organization of youth and career services and be qualified for the following career paths:
Office communication

In regards to category “b”, acceptance is allowed only after completion of at least 9 school years of general education and proper documentation of special educational needs.

Adolescents who do not have native German language skills can take a language based Professional Training Year, if a special need to learn German is present. After one year these students can graduate to a traditional Professional Training Year and obtain the high school equivalency diploma.


Lessons take place:

For “a” as part-time (two days a week)

For “b” as full-time. A professional internship is integrated into the education

Additionally career and social services are offered.

Documents for Submission

For “a”, registration is completed through the training centers (recognized organizations for youth services)
For “b” see the Professional Training Year

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