Professional Training Year

The Professional Training Year enables adolescents without a high school diploma to obtain an equivalency certificate and prepares them for an apprenticeship.

The Professional Training Year is offered in the following fields:

Automotive Technician

Admission Requirements:

Acceptance is possible after completion of the ninth school year at the earliest, in conjunction with the ending of the student’s normal general education.
Adolescents who do not have native German language skills can take a language based Professional Training Year, if a special need to learn German is present. After one year these students can graduate to a traditional Professional Training Year and obtain the high school equivalency diploma.


Lessons are full-time and cover the subjects of German, Mathematics, Social Studies, Economics, Ethics, and Sports, as well as both academic and practical training.

Lessons take place in the school’s modern classrooms, labs, and work areas.
An internship is integrated into the program.

Additionally career and social services are offered.

Documents for Submission:

General Application Form
CV with picture
Final report

Please direct questions to the program advisors.

Walter-Gropius-Schule Erfurt