Walter Gropius

Integrated and practical training in the technical and design fields is the educational concept of our school. For that reason our school has born the name of the famous architect Walter Gropius since 1999. The designer and architect Walter Gropius (1883-1969) accomplishments include:

  • The founding of the Bauhaus Movement in 1919 and whose service as a Professor in Germany until 1928 and later at Harvard University helped to train a new generation of architects, designers, and artists.
  • Deeply impressing himself upon the face of artistic design in the 20th century
  • Helping to usher in an era of building based on functional, innovative and progressive solutions, while helping to open the doors to new methods of teaching and training.

Carrying on this legacy over the wide berth of pre-college technical studies that we offer is the primary objective of our students, past and present, as well as the teachers here at the Walter Gropius School.

Walter-Gropius-Schule Erfurt